A Divine woman who I am convinced was sent to me! I met Paula on the internet while learning about Dolores Cannon and QHHT. I went to her website and Facebook. Through Facebook messenger we connected immediately. I have been digesting our Tarot card reading fully and preparing for the future confidently. QHHT with her will be very genuine and interesting. Paula is a spiritual woman full of knowledge, personal attention and love for mankind. Her working space is full of clean energy. I am thankful to have her in my life.


Boynton Beach, FL

Paula is a special person with a real gift. many gifts! I found her when I was searching Tarot readings in Miami 4 years ago and she has given me guidance through so many life events. Career changes, health, and relationships. The last time I saw Paula she told me I would meet a Leo, as i was searching for love. One year later i'm here living with the love of my life who is Leo, building a future and still practicing the principles Paula taught me. with her background in psychology as well as the spiritual aspect of her work she can help elevate the life of anybody who will believe. I highly recommend a session with Paula just to see what she can tell you about your life, and give you advice that you cannot get from any other human because she's like no one you've ever met!

Rachel Loren

Boca, FL

I love the Counseling and Hypnosis Sessions that I’ve had with Paula in the past. She’s honest and caring good listener. I felt safe and comfortable. My situation at time was resolved and I felt a sense of accomplishment. She also empowers you and gives you ideas on good literature to read for whatever issue u may have and techniques.The Hypnosis sessions were amazing. I was able to travel back in time and see myself in a totally different situation, fix and see what was blocked in my current life. I feel everyone should try it and discover more about themselves. I totally recommend Paula for all the services she provides. She’s also wonderful at Reiki amazing healing energy. Great person and true healer.

Alexandra Silas

Miami, FL

I had the most comfortable and easy experience with Paula during my first QHHT session, one that I went into a little nervous in not knowing what to expect but she immediately put me at ease with her calming energy and we established a very natural rapport right away. She guided me through visuals that at times were troubling and uncomfortable but she helped me feel safe and at peace in spite of this. Paula facilitated a truly wonderful session that allowed her empathic gifts to show through and I am truly grateful for the experience. I look forward to trying other healing modalities through her as her gifts are multifaceted.

Alina Del Castillo

Miami, FL

I can’t wait for another Reiki session with Paula. It was an amazing experience. She was very open, loving, compassionate and had an incredibly soothing voice. The whole experience left me feeling spiritually and physically balanced 100 times more than when I walked into her studio. She surrounds your senses with great vibrations, sounds and aromatherapy that just generated a great sense of peace and wellness. She is a gifted healer, I’d recommend here to anyone seeking a balanced spirit.

Michael Swan

Miami, FL

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