Preparing for your QHHT session is important. I highly recommend that you watch some of the short youtube videos I have included here.


1. Set your intentions.

From the moment you set up an appointment, your Higher Self begins to prepare itself to take center stage in a wonderful experience with you. Your conscious self or "ego" may need to be reminded that it will be on standby for this one. Start to set that intention. This is key! You can practice saying the following affirmation during the days leading up to your session: "I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self"


2. Write a list of questions.

During the last portion of our session I will be connecting to your Higher Self to have an in depth conversation and ask it any questions you may have. Please write the questions on a piece of paper (NOT on your cell phone or electronic device). You should write one list of personal/life questions and another one listing health/physical questions you would like answered. For some examples of questions people commonly ask, click here.


3. Do not drink alcohol the night before or the day of your session. For best results limit your caffeine intake the day of the session. Our goal is to get you as relaxed as possible. Eat a light meal before you come. Keep in mind it can go up to four hours. You may want to bring a snack for after the session.


4. No one is allowed in the session with you. Spouses and friends may want to join in this amazing experience, but for the sake of confidentiality we ask that no one else is present during session.


5. All sessions are audio recorded. I will e-mail you a link with the copy of the recording after the session.

Also, it is imperative that you listen to your recording! Dolores Cannon teaches us that the more we listen, the more we get connected with new information. We are opening up new pathways and making new connections in our brain, therefore the more we listen, the stronger they get and the harder they work.  

6. Your appointment can last anywhere from 3-4 hours and occasionally longer. It is generally not a good idea to have additional appointments or activities that require a great deal of concentration after your regression. Having a regression is much like participating in a long, detailed and involved daydream. You really will feel as though you have just returned from an amazing journey, because in many ways you have! Try to rest and take it easy the rest of your day after the QHHT session.       

A few important things to note:

The connection with your Higher Self remains especially open the week following your session. Pay attention to your dreams because often your Higher Self finds it easier to communicate with you through dreams. Also, since I usually give the Higher Self the suggestion to keep working during dreamtime, many of my clients report to have amazing insights from their dreams.  

Things are happening on many different levels and sometimes it can take some time to process everything that has happened during a session. Be aware and pay attention because important information may be coming through to you when you least expect it. Since the vibration of your Higher Self will also be recorded, you will continue to receive self-healing and insight any time that you listen to the digital recording of your session.  


If you feel little to no change after your session or have doubts about what took place, please be advised that changes done by your Higher Self are often done on many levels, and it may take time to manifest in the physical body. Although it is human nature, any doubt or skepticism may undermine and negate the work done by your Higher Self during the session. Listen to the audio recording of your session often and have faith in the process​.