Astrology Readings

An astrology reading is a session in which I analyze and discuss your natal or birth astrological chart. A natal chart is essentially a unique map of all the planets, their placements, and the way they were interacting with each other at the moment of your birth. Planets and their transits continue to interact with us on a daily basis throughout our lives. It tells of your character traits, behavior tendencies, relationship patterns, life purpose, and more. We will touch on many topics including your childhood, family life, relationships, career, vocation, and what your soul is trying to accomplish in this life. We also discuss past life information and the direction in which your soul desires to go in order to evolve.

Sessions are done via Skye, phone or in person. There is also the option to email the full recorded reading. It is your choice. You must provide your birth date, city where you were born, and the time of birth. 


The session is approximately 1 hour long and the cost is $190 for a full reading.

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Solar Return (Birthday) Reading

A solar return chart is an astrology chart that is calculated each year on your birthday (solar return). This reading will assess the themes and challenges that you will experience for the entire year. It is active for a year until your next birthday. This reading makes an excellent birthday gift to yourself or a loved one!                                       

                                                                                                       $100 for an hour via Skype 

Relationship Reading

A relationship reading is a reading that analyzes the interaction between the planets of two people. Each person's chart is analyzed separately to see how they experience relationships and their personal patterns, and then both charts are combined and analyzed together through a variety of astrological techniques and calculations. This reading reveals the dynamic between two people in real life and offers different possibilities in how the energies may play out. Relationship strengths and weaknesses are revealed. This type of reading is not limited to a romantic relationship. Any type of relationship between two people may be analyzed. For example, you can have a reading to find out about your relationship dynamic with your child, a parent, a friend or a boss. 

                                                                                                      $200 per session via Skype

                                                                              (with or without the other person being present)

Career Path Reading

In a career or vocational reading, your birth chart is analyzed to reveal your personal strengths and to point you in the direction of a career path that will be beneficial and fulfilling in your life. In this reading we will also be discussing the type of business partnerships and dynamics with others you will have. 

                                                                                                   $125 one hour via Skype 

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